What Does the Alphabet of Eyelash Extensions Mean?


30 January 2018

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The Alphabet of Eyelash Extensions

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I J. The alphabet of eyelash extensions what does it all mean? Well glad I stopped randomly at the “J” so let’s start here. J is one of the many terms to describe a curvature in Lash Extensions.

We are all unique, our eye shape and our depth of our eye sockets all come into play when choosing the right curve when we individually apply eyelash extensions. Something I’ve been privileged to experience or shall I say “experiment” on over many years.

So a little insight in why we specialise in getting the application right, and why we would choose a J curl, the deeper the eye socket the straighter the curve of the eyelash extension we choose to extend length and draw the eyes out. They are also beneficial in extending length and lifting a droopy eye as our use of the J curl is concentrated on the outer corners…. excited yes there’s more! Book your complementary consultation for more of an insight. Look forward to chatting about B curls next.