Eyelashes as we Age

Appropriate eyelash extension application for our lashes as we age….. Yes, it’s a delicate Eyelash Extension subject and best approached rather gently.  As we age, lash fullness does diminish slightly as we know, and our lash growth slows down.

Lashes play a big role as we start to age if applied correctly they can hide a heavy eyelid or soften a tired eye, yes tricks of the trade. Layering work with the use of different lengths of lashes applied can add definition as well as volume. Coloured eyelash choices, finer and less glossier eyelash extensions help to soften eyes, combined with concentrating on shape from start to finish of application. These are only some of the many techniques used.

Every client no matter what age should be guided on appropriate eyelash extension application, a treatment I specialise in. Furthermore I endeavor to change the perception that the more eyelash extensions applied, the younger you look….. that couldn’t be more wrong!

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