Like longer eyelash extensions? The art of application


12 November 2018

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Like longer eyelash extensions? The art of application

Longer on the ends… she says, hmmm…..let’s just say it’s an endless clients ask, pardon the pun! I’m a fan of eyelash length and using it wisely because length can be the make or break of a great eyelash extension application.

Eye shape will always come into play when deciding if adding length to the outer corners would be the right approach.

But by all means like anything if you’re desiring a new look, let’s venture there, as it’s exciting for me as it is for my clients.

For shaping and applying eyelash extensions to the outer corners the trick is to not go too close to the outer corners, let’s give the eye a lift rather than a droop. We can also take advantage of using a lighter lash extension to prevent that drop on the fine outer lashes.

The possibilities are endless, do you know your eye shape?