How to Clean your Eyelash Extensions


30 August 2017

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How to Clean your Eyelash Extensions

How to Clean your Eyelash Extensions

Iknow this may come as a surprise but we won’t be relying on the odd spring clean to solve this problem. Regular cleansing of lashes is a must for longevity of eyelash extensions. How is this so you might ask, or more importantly what are the benefits?

Well let’s talk about natural oil build up, similar to the hair on your scalp, if you go a period of time without shampooing your hair the natural oil build up makes your hair look flat and greasy right? Well this is a similar occurrence with lashes and nobody wants a flat heavy appearance of lashes.  More so a common problem of extension lash loss is due to the breakdown of adhesive due to the build up of oil.

So spend an extra minute or two under the shower and foam up your oil and alcohol free cleanser in your hands and give those lashes a great foamy cleanse, think of it as shampooing your lashes, just using your finger tips and allow the warm water to run through and rinse those lashes. Sounds simple right. So let’s keep those lashes upright and fluffy in appearance and most importantly on for longer!

By the way, I’ve never heard of anyone objecting to an extra minute or two in the shower.